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 NOTA pentru REFERATE si ESEURI: Articolele prezentate in aceasta sectiune de referate au scop strict didactic. Ele sunt elaborate de profesori, elevi sau studenti care s-au documentat atent pentru elaborarea lor. Prezenta sectiunii de REFERATE in cadrul site-ului are un rol enciclopedic. Pagina de referate interzice strict predarea acestor materiale pentru orele de curs in gimnaziu, liceu sau facultate!


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Romeo' s Depression   

Many people view the tragedy Romeo and Juliet as simply a romance-filled play where the protagonists die at the end. However, this play also involves the mounting depression of Romeo Montague; he suffers constantly throughout the first act and displays many of the modern symptoms of teen depression. Rosaline, the woman who is currently starring in his dreams, rejects his pitiful advances time after time, thus, causing his sleepless nights and effeminate attitudes. Exhibiting social withdrawal, sensitivity to rejection, and hopelessness, Romeo is surely depressed (http://www.teen-depression.info 2). Unsuccessfully, his family and friends try to interpret his convoluted emotions.
Confused by Romeo's odd behaviors, the Montagues and their allies are beginning to discuss and try to resolve his issues. They are wondering where Romeo is after a brawl when issues of his sudden disappearances begin to arise. Benvolio observes, "Towards him I made, but he was ware of me/And stole into the covert of the wood" (I, i, 125-126). Avoiding civilization and a desire of isolation are common symptoms of teen depression (http://www.teen-depression.info 2). Romeo does not want to associate with anyone; he feels they will destabilize his so-called "love" for Rosaline. When stating that Romeo "[. . .] stole into the covert of the wood" (I, i, 126), Shakespeare utilizes the word wood as a symbol for how Romeo is lost in a dark, shadowy corner of his own mind. Also representative of his emotions, Romeo has been frequently locking himself away in his room in order to sulk in his intensifying misery. In the same conversation, Montague apprehensively states, "And private in his chamber pens himself,/[. . .]/And makes himself an artificial night" (I, i, 139-141). Creating a dark and melancholy space signifies Romeo's state of mind; he feels trapped by his heart, undeserving of love, and afraid of being turned away.

Rejection is a sensitive area for a depressed teen; specifically Romeo, who has a proliferating fear of it. Discoursing with Benvolio about his feelings divulges a sudden realization about his sensations. Referring to Rosaline, Romeo cries, "She hath forsworn to love, and in that vow/Do I live dead that live to tell it now" (I, iv, 22). In Romeo's mind, Rosaline is being stubborn by waiting for true love--he wants her now and feels "dead" because she refuses to have him. By using the oxymoron "[. . .] I live dead" (I, iv, 22), Shakespeare is illustrating that Romeo feels like life is pointless until Rosaline accepts him; if she does not love him, then who? Living dead is possible today; it causes the victim to portray a useless and abandoned behavior. Difficulty coping with fear, anger, and rejection is another obvious depression symptom (http://www.teen-depression.info 2). Still pouring his heart out to Benvolio, Romeo selfishly complains, "Well in that hit you miss. She'll not be hit" (I, i, 209). Although Romeo has tried to capitalize on every ounce of his charm and flaunt every drop of his beauty, Rosaline still refuses to accept his love. Her negative responses trigger Romeo's feelings of self-doubt, hurt, and hopelessness.

Romeo's childish conduct will never appeal to Rosaline; therefore, he feels that there is no promise in any future relationships. Changing his mind is discovered to be a more demanding task than expected when Mercutio, making the most of his wit, coerces the following statement out of Romeo, "Under love's heavy burden do I sink" (I, i, 22). Unrequited passion is treading heavily on Romeo's chest, causing him to regress into the darkest, most desolate areas of his soul. In a swift change of events, however, immediately after making this testimony he is swept away by the indescribable beauty of Juliet Capulet. Romeo has faith that he will never be obligated to experience heartache again! Nevertheless, this is a tragedy, and his ecstasy is trounced when it is discovered that Juliet is his mortal enemy. Shocked, Romeo exclaims, "O dear account! My life is my foe's debt" (I, v, 120). The one phenomenal lady who has blessed him with inexpressible joy is in total control of his fate. Discovering a deplorable truth of that magnitude would cause any human to become depressed; in fact, numerous depression cases are caused by traumatic events such as conflicts with a boyfriend or girlfriend (http://www.teen-depression.info 2).

Hopelessness, sensitivity to denunciation, and social abandonment are just a few of the scores of depression symptoms. Still, Romeo does ultimately get what he desires--an infinity to spend with Juliet in eternal sleep. His loneliness, pain, and heartache went recognized in the most ghastly way possible, although his heart's wishes were fulfilled. Depression is simply a tragic disorder that inflicts insufferable emotional pain upon a human's mind. Shakespeare depicts the relation between despair and Romeo and Juliet best in the closing lines when the Prince declares, "For never was a story of more woe/Than this of Juliet and her Romeo" (V, iii, 309-310).

ARTICOLELE PUBLICATE IN PAGINA DE REFERATE AU SCOP DIDACTIC SI SUNT ELABORATE IN URMA UNEI DOCUMENTARI SUSTINUTE. ESTE STRICT INTERZISA PRELUAREA ARTICOLELOR DE PE SITE SI PREZENTAREA LOR LA ORELE DE CURS. Referatele din aceasta sectiune sunt trimise de diferiti colaboratori ai proiectului nostru. Referatele va sunt prezentate pentru COMPLETAREA STUDIULUI INDIVIDUAL, si va incurajam si sustinem sa faceti si voi altele noi bazate pe cercetari proprii.

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